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7 Leadership Lessons Learned from COVID-19


Over the past few months, our industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.  While this time has been difficult, it has also provided us with many valuable leadership lessons. Some of those lessons are listed below:

Leaders rise. In times of crisis, you find out who your true leaders are. Pay attention to who is stepping up. Recognize their leadership skills and appreciate them. 

Communication is key. Over communicate with your members and employees. Make sure people understand the why behind what you’re doing or have decided.

Listen more. In an unprecedented situation people are scared. Listen to their concerns and validate their feelings.  

Pivot. Don’t be afraid to adapt, pivot or change. Be flexible and open to new ideas or ways to operate your business. Always be looking for better ways to do something.

It’s OK if you don’t know how to handle every situation. There was not a clear playbook for companies to follow during this pandemic. You have to trust yourself to make good decisions. Don’t let the uncertainty of a situation affect your confidence and decision-making ability. You will figure it out.      

Choose to improve. Don’t just get through this tough time; make sure you improve yourself and your company. The challenges we have just faced will either make you bitter or better. Choose wisely. 

Stay positive and give hope. It’s the leader’s job to constantly reassure the team that better days are ahead. This is even more important in uncertain times. Your attitude is very important and it is contagious.

We are far from recovered from the impact COVID-19 has had on us, but if we use this experience to improve our industry, we can turn this stumbling block into a stepping stone and be better because of it.  

This is our opportunity to prove to the world that health clubs are safe and essential to one’s well-being. 

Chez Misko

Chez Misko is the COO of Wisconsin Athletic Club.

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