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Podcast: Delivering Objective, Actionable Data with Mio Labs

Mio Labs

Heart rate tracking technology is a growing trend in the industry, and as the technology improves and provides better data to members, clubs need to be jumping on board to monetize this service.

In this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast, Club Solutions’ president Rico Francis chats with Marcelo Aller, vice president of sales and marketing at Mio Labs. They chat about trends in heart rate tracking technology, using data to help members workout smarter, and how Mio Labs is enabling clubs to further engage members and help them reach their goals through technology.


  • Mio Labs is a digital fitness company that provides objective data points to empower club operators to help their members workout smarter.
  • Aller shares his experiences, in which he started on the gym floor and has since operated several health clubs, including Equinox, where he served in many roles.
  • A typical day in Aller’s current position includes managing the sales process and member relationships, creating awareness campaigns, and helping gym operators get the technology that helps them manage their businesses.
  • Mio Labs’ legacy in the fitness industry started with creating the first high-speed photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor — which measures blood flow — that helps measure the heart rate more accurately. 
  • Mio Labs works to ensure there’s technology that helps exercisers get data on their workouts in the best way.
  • Aller was recently featured in Runner’s World thanks to his passion for running, which he has used to keep himself in shape for sports, and within the past three years, help manage his atrial fibrillation (AFib).
  • The difference between the Mio Labs brand and others is that it’s an open device platform — they’ve partnered with other software companies to create group training solutions.
  • Mio Labs recently launched its own coaching platform, called “mioCOACH.”
  • The brand’s two taglines are “the coach within” and “train with heart.” “Train with heart” is the emotional call to action to workout with passion, and “the coach within” empowers exercisers to use data to guide them through their workouts.
  • Mio Labs gives club operators a workout building platform they can use with their clients to train them remotely during COVID-19 shutdowns.
  • Mio Labs’ solution is a three-step process:
    • Step 1: using the mioCOACH platform to get a member plugged into a workout community.
    • Step 2: the coach creates a workout using the mioCOACH workout builder. Members have the option to use the mioPOD heart rate monitor while working out to get additional data points like their training load, training effect and recovery.
    • Step 3: reporting for the member from workout data, as well as feedback from the coach.
  • Club operators have monetized Mio Labs’ products by using them in a group format — the Mio Labs app enables members to participate in group workouts wherever they are.
  • Mio Labs has an affiliate program on its website that allows a trainer to become an affiliate and get a 50% margin on selling the device with a discount code they can provide to a client.
  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a new economy being built around digital fitness, which is where Mio Labs can help clubs succeed.
  • A common misperception about heart rate tracking technology is that it isn’t as accurate as medical-grade devices. However, Mio Labs and other companies have worked to reverse this perception in the past few years.
  • Mio Labs will be launching new wrist and arm-based technology solutions in the near future.

This episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast is sponsored by Mio Labs.

On behalf of Mio Labs, our hearts go out to those impacted directly and indirectly by COVID 19. At this time of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to stay connected, and that’s what mioCOACH and mioCUE is great at: keeping people digitally connected and engaged, especially as it relates to health, wellness and fitness.

If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to go to mio-labs.com and download a free trial of real-time interactive audio coaching and fitness content, all performed by world-class and professional coaches. Hundreds of workouts and training plans are available to you, ranging from running, rowing and spinning to yoga and recovery. While many of us are working remotely from home and gym doors are shut, we encourage you to use mioCOACH and mioCUE to stay active, move and keep your spirits up.

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Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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