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Podcast: How Inciteful Helps Elevate Sales Performance and Maximize Revenue


Membership sales, the lifeblood of every club, are dependent on staff’s ability to gather information about prospects and returning members. However, without thorough needs analysis, critical information could be slipping through the cracks, causing your club to miss out on opportunities to gain new members.

In this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine Podcast, Club Solutions’ president Rico Francis chats with Paul Amoruso, the founder and CEO of Inciteful. They chat about the role of needs analysis in the success of membership sales, the ways technology can optimize these processes, and how Inciteful can help club operators elevate their sales performance.


  • Inciteful’s online sales assessment software provides real-time needs analysis for trainers and coaches during consultations.
  • Amoruso got the idea for Inciteful from operating a national nutrition company, in which observing and quantifying the value needs analyses have on sales outcomes.
    • He recognized this nutrition business was systematically losing a lot of revenue by not conducting comprehensive needs analysis.
  • Amoruso observed oftentimes, a lack of training and experience in gathering information during a needs assessment is one of the biggest constraints that limits a sales team’s ability to drive revenue.
    • The lack of adequate time during an initial consultation is another hurdle.
  • There’s a direct correlation between conducting a thorough needs analysis during a consultation and the sales outcome.
  • Amoruso wanted to create a technology solution that could help clubs realize their full revenue potential by creating an assessment process that was more comprehensive and would automatically create a needs assessment that was easy to understand.
  • Inciteful takes the ideal information set clubs want to know about prospects or returning members in order to best serve them.
  • Incomplete or inconclusive needs analyses are common in consultations at health clubs, especially with nutrition programs.
  • Inciteful specializes in technology solutions, but it is not a customer relationship management (CRM) system, an activity tracker, a workout builder, a club management software (CMS), or a satisfaction survey system.
    • Inciteful is designed to complement and integrate with those other types of software.
  • Inciteful’s assessments compress data capture into minutes, and analyze the information instantly. The analysis is quick and comprehensive, allowing clubs to act on it instantly.
  • Inciteful features a suite of assessments:
    • Body analysis assessment that includes body fat percentage, VO2 max, weight zones and nutrient needs.
    • Profile assessments that capture metrics including weight goals, fitness and diet activity, and even motivation.
    • Two advanced diagnostic assessments for fitness and weight that take a close look at weight history, environment and more.
  • Having comprehensive and actionable information helps establish your staff as the authority, which makes their recommendations more powerful and the consultation more meaningful.

This episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast is sponsored by Inciteful.

Inciteful is the first and only contactless, scalable online sales assessment software for fitness and weight loss, helping clubs and studios grow their revenue through comprehensive, real-time needs analyses of their prospects and clients. Inciteful software includes a suite of online fitness and weight assessments of increasing depth for use in consultations and client progress evaluations. Inciteful helps clubs modernize and exponentially expand the breadth of their sales assessments so they can fully understand prospects and recover the revenue they are losing from conducting incomplete assessments. Experience Inciteful for yourself by taking a free assessment today at inciteful.com.

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Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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