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Project Management Tools to Elevate Your Marketing

Project Management Tools

It’s no secret that an effective marketing strategy is essential for clubs to increase membership, build a brand and grow a community. To balance and prioritize ongoing marketing campaigns, project management tools have proven themself useful.

Enhancing your club’s marketing strategy by using common project management tools will contribute to strategic decision making and lead to an effective allocation of your club’s resources. 

At Newtown Athletic Club, we implement five commonly known project management tools to organize our club marketing strategy and ongoing campaigns. The tools and processes we use include: a project management software, adoption of the SMART model, proper planning, project templates, and a thorough breakdown of each project into smaller tasks.

To reach a level of organization that allows your club to effectively run multiple marketing campaigns at once, it’s important to use one platform that streamlines all of your processes. A project management software, such as Asana, Monday.com or Teamwork, is a good place to start. Once your team is accustomed to a software, begin utilizing different project templates. Since many marketing projects have similar processes and actions, a reusable template will allow for proper planning and a good use of your club’s resources.

Prior to project planning and implementation, an adoption of the SMART model can be useful to help your club set proper goals. The SMART model, commonly used for developing business goals, refers to the following: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. This model can be useful for marketing project management, as the goals can sometimes not easily be defined.

Once your goals are defined, begin thoroughly planning each project, leaving room for flexibility when adjustments need to be made. Introducing this mindset to your team will save manpower, time and money as setbacks occur. With a solid project plan comes a breakdown of the project into smaller tasks. Knowledge of these defined tasks will increase focus on what’s most important.

With implementation of these project management strategies, your marketing team will master the art of organization and attain maximum results.

Nicole Beck

Nicole Beck is the marketing manager at Newtown Athletic Club.

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