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Trainers Today: Finding Success Post-COVID

trainers today

Personal trainers today are finding success amid COVID-19. Personal training can be a major revenue driver and is definitely one of the “stickiest” connection points for members. Whether you have reopened or are planning to reopen soon, cultivate and encourage your trainers with these ideas below:


Your communication is essential for success as trainers today navigate client relationships and you refine business strategy. Consider the following to connect with and support trainers as you navigate the unknown together:

  • Connect weekly one-on-one to encourage and express care for their total well-being.   
  • Help set timelines for client communication and/or rebuilding.


Trainers today are servicing clients where they are, from virtual to outdoor to in-facility training. How can you help them succeed with alternatives?

  • Determine if you can offer any space on-site for virtual training sessions or outdoor workout experiences to maximize trainer time. 
  • Brainstorm programming ideas for repurposed spaces — fitness floor, parking lots, conference rooms, etc. — and physical distancing guidelines — cueing and communication. 


The role of today’s trainer is to engage and sustain client relationships. With fewer clients in a given week, many trainers may seek additional sources of revenue or wish to expand their roles. 

  • Allow them to work in other areas, such as the front desk, membership office or business development. 
  • Challenge continued education and skill development to prepare for fitness industry rebound.
  • Encourage them to use a technology to reach clients unsure about returning.

Invest in your trainers now to help secure your facility’s future. 

Mary Edwards

Mary Edwards, MS, is the director of fitness and a professional fitness trainer at Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas, Texas. 

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