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QNTM Fit Life Expands Its Footprint Using MOTUS CI Site Selection and Data Marketing Tools


Johnny Wilkins, the owner of QNTM Fit Life, knew they were missing out on numerous potential clients. Despite having a great physical location, they were meeting people too often that lived and worked in their neighborhood yet were still unaware of what QNTM Fit Life had to offer.

Searching for a solution, Wilkins decided to partner with MOTUS Consumer Insights (MOTUS CI) to utilize their addressable geofencing marketing service that created digital perimeters around his business, competitors, conference buildings and households to serve mobile ads to geographically relevant prospects.

“MOTUS’ geotargeting system helped us combine consumer behaviors with location habits to reach new members,” said Wilkins.

Here, Wilkins shares how MOTUS CI’s analytics and services have improved his business, how they will help him continue to grow and more on why other clubs should consider working with them.

How are you using MOTUS CI’s data to improve your overall brand?

I became a club owner, and eventually started this brand, because of the impact fitness has had on my life. It’s always been about how fitness can improve your life, not simply being fit for fitness’ sake. The club was designed to be an incredible and encouraging place where we could teach other people that truth. What we didn’t anticipate was the club would be so heavily appreciated by — and filled with — people who already knew that to be true. As such, most of our members are already living fit and healthy lives.

From the outside looking in, this made us seem like QNTM was the place to ‘be fit,’ not to ‘get fit.’ MOTUS is helping us deliver positive exciting messages to people who might have otherwise been intimidated about joining our community. Their recent “Where Change Happens” campaign has since become a cornerstone of who we want to be to the market. The fitness journey is difficult and never ending, and we want to be the best possible place to be comfortable being uncomfortable in your pursuit of health.

How have MOTUS CI’s analytics and creative services improved customer and prospect engagement at your club?

Recent market conditions have forced everyone to rethink staffing roles and resource allocation. As we struggled to build our membership department, we decided MOTUS CI was our best path forward to increase online joins. As a premium health club, we have always valued in-person touring and membership services and used other marketing resources to drive prospects into that funnel.

MOTUS CI has helped us better understand which potential clients needed to be offered an alternative joining experience. As a result, we’re now seeing around 15% of new members joining online and will be a heavily leveraged tool for attracting prospects to our next location.

You will be using MOTUS CI’s Site Selection product to locate your new gym — how do you plan on using this data and what benefit does it provide?

Growth is exciting, but also scary. As one location, it’s difficult to determine if you have “lightning in a bottle,” or simply a “flash in the pan.” MOTUS CI’s site selection was able to analyze our existing base, combine it with our goal of a slight demographic expansion and see the true potential the next club had before taking the risk. This information not only helped us have confidence in this large financial commitment, but it also influenced our presale and overall marketing strategy for faster growth and a quicker ROI.

MOTUS CI is incorporating their data to engage QNTM’s key demographic prospects via TikTok marketing. What do you think about this strategy?

QNTM Fit Life is a young brand, both in age and current demographic. Formed just three and a half years ago, we’ve become home to Nashville’s 27-year-old — give or take — fitness enthusiasts. We’re proud of our membership culture but know we have the potential to help others find their best life. To date, we have struggled to tell more stories. Stories of incredible life changes and fulfillment that we get to see every day. Long-form versions of these stories are great for a presentation, but not for marketing to a younger generation. MOTUS CI is now helping us move some of those stories to TikTok, helping us find ways to let potential members get frequent glimpses of the people living their best life, empowered through fitness.

How would you rate MOTUS CI’s customer support?

They operate as an extension of the QNTM family, looking out for our best interest and driving impact to the business. As a young entrepreneur, I welcome the insights their team can provide as former club operators themselves. Understanding my daily needs often far exceeds the scope of a traditional marketing vendor. I really appreciate the collaborative approach they take, the insights they guide me with and the accountability they hold themselves to for the end result.

Why should other club operators consider working with MOTUS CI?

For brands looking to stand out and improve their performance metrics, MOTUS CI will be a game changer. It’s the difference between a spray and pray approach, versus hand picking and delivering your message to the right customers. With the daily evolution of marketing and member expectations, MOTUS CI has their hands on powerful data intelligence. When combined with your club’s DNA, and the savviness of their team’s know-how, you can break through ad blindness and deliver what members truly care about. There is no question that an invested partnership with MOTUS CI will benefit your bottom line.

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is the assistant editor for Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com

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