Adam Zeitsiff Weighs in on CMS


Adam Zeitsiff, the chief information officer at Gold’s Gym International, has a vast background in operating IT, technology and software-driven environments for performance excellence. And in his current role, club management software (CMS) is top of mind.

“There are so many critical aspects to running a business in the fitness industry — and our CMS partners play such a critical role in helping us achieve success — that choosing one with a proven history and a solid reputation in our space is critical,” said Zeitsiff.

In terms of functionality, Zeitsiff recommended searching for a CMS partner that offers more than just the basics. “Selling memberships and checking members in are table stakes these days — the real meat is in the software functionality that services the other non-dues areas of your business, such as personal training, small group training and studio-like offerings,” he said. “Also, online join and member self-service sites are critical, as well as the ability to support real-time integration with mobile app providers such as Netpulse and MiGym.”

In addition, Zeitsiff said it’s important for software to offer a suite of PCI-compliant billing and servicing options. “Either just to process member dues and POS payments for you, to offer you a suite of automated or full-service payment and collections offerings that will allow you and your staff to focus on providing a unique member experience while increasing your profits, while your CMS partner handles the rest,” he said.

In addition, a software that provides updates to its software on a regular basis is of the utmost importance. “I would make sure your new CMS partner has a regular release schedule as it relates to major and minor updates to their software platform,” said Zeitsiff.

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  1. Richard Everton

    July 1, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    He doesn’t really discuss what CMS Gold’s uses…

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