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A Nutrition Business Model with Proof of Concept and Scalability

Balanced Habits

If you are unsure what it means to have a nutrition program that can scale to the masses while still maintaining a customized approach, it’s time you looked into Balanced Habits.

Founded in 2013 by Carolyn and Paul Fetters, the Balanced Habits brand is now being offered all across the U.S. and Canada by over 100 fitness centers, health clubs, boutique gyms, physical therapy clinics and community centers. To date, their programs have affected over 125,000 individual’s lives through their authorized licensee locations.

“What started in our own gyms nearly 25 years ago has turned into something well beyond what I could have imagined. To have the opportunity to changes lives in this way is incredibly rewarding,” says Carolyn.

Balanced Habits developed a turn-key approach, keeping it simple and effective for fitness clubs to implement. Balanced Habits has created all the tools, resources and know-how to turn nutrition into a thriving profit center from day one.

As a business model that has tremendous proof of concept with the ability to scale the product in mainstream fitness centers, Balanced Habits has all its bases covered to help fitness clubs generate tremendous revenue, while at the same time, providing a transformation solution that eludes so many fitness centers.

For more information contact Carolyn at 657.231.6779 or carolyn@balancedhabits.com.


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