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Myzone Launches Several New Products in Myzone 3.0


Myzone is a leading wearable technology solution designed and built for the fitness industry. The fully integrated solution offers user data, real-time analytics and evidence of members’ progression. With an ongoing and constant chase of exploring every possibility, Myzone is moving to the higher tier: Myzone 3.0. The following products and features will be launching in 2018 with Myzone.

MZ-BODY SCAN: The MZ-Body Scan is a revolutionary feature offered to existing Myzone facilities. It simply takes a 360-degree view, creating a 3D avatar of a customer with accurate measurements.

MZ-MOTION: Myzone has created MZ-Motion to ensure every move you perform is not missed. The MZ-Motion is found in the Myzone app on your phone, which when clicked, starts recording your consistent movements. Every minute of movement provides you with one MZ-Motion. It is of great use when you don’t wear your MZ-1 or MZ-3 belt, however, it is not a replacement of MZ-1 or MZ-3 as you do not receive any MEPs for your MZ-Motions.

MZ-FITNESS TEST: MZ-Fitness Test is a fun feature designed to help you monitor your fitness over a period of time. It is non-comparable to other fitness tests and is designed to be a feature within the Myzone ecosystem. The test allows you to see the amount of beats your heart drops within a one-minute period at the end of the test.

MZ-INSTRUCT: MZ-Instruct is a feature that brings a new dynamic to a class, promoting engagement with the Myzone screen and allowing the instructor to focus on form and class motivation while following a preset class designed by the club or trainer themselves. Classes can be pre-set and use the pre-loaded functional videos, or clubs can shoot their own videos and send to Myzone to upload, making the trainer and fitness team into on-screen trainers as well as present in the class. Customers will be able to follow simple onscreen videos while being coached and motivated within a class setting.

MZ-CONSOLE: MZ-Console will transform the way in which Myzone users can enjoy a Myzone session without having to enter a class. It gives users full privilege to leave their phone in the locker or at home, allowing them to enjoy Myzone benefits in a club without being in a class environment. Working with the leading cardiovascular equipment suppliers, Myzone will be available on the equipment consoles. Operators can use this feature to improve motivation, encourage challenges and continue to turn the club into a hub of activity. Myzone users simply need to touch the Myzone symbol on the cardiovascular equipment consoles and login to their Myzone account, then use the console as their smartphone, setting up their Zone Match, Interval or stopwatch feature.

For more information, visit myzone.org.


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