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MINDBODY is a Reliable Resource for CrossTown Fitness


Club management software (CMS) is essential for any health club, and MINDBODY‘s user-friendly interface and excellent support makes it easier than ever for club owners to manage every aspect of their businesses.

Here, Charlie Graff, the owner of CrossTown Fitness, describes why he chose MINDBODY when he opened his gym and how this partnership has been overwhelmingly positive since then.

CS: Why did you decide to partner with MINDBODY over other software companies?

CG: I’ve been working with MINDBODY for about five-and-a-half years now — that’s when I opened up CrossTown Fitness. I was coming out of a big box gym I used to own and using a different software, so I knew when I was switching studio models, I would be wanting to change up my software as well. I looked at three or four different options before I settled on MINDBODY. Number one, it’s just a great value — what they’re offering and what we’re getting in return is great. And they’ve got a commitment to evolving — I’ve seen software roll out that seems great, but then it becomes kind of stagnant and not receptive to change, adding new features or trying to improve the systems it has. That was really important to me. One thing when I picked out MINDBODY as well is that these guys are evolving month over month and year over year, and they are open to suggestions to make their product more user-friendly and efficient for studio owners. Those are some of the reasons I settled on MINDBODY.

CS: What are some of the ways you’ve seen this partnership benefit your business?

CG: MINDBODY is just a great resource that’s reliable, number one — I can trust what it says it’s going to do. I use it for all aspects of my club: marketing, payroll, payment processing, and metrics like key performance indicators (KPI) for the business. It allows me to focus on things that are important in keeping the business open and going. I’m not wasting a lot of time navigating through the software because it’s user-friendly. Those different tools make my job easier and allow me to be more effective with my time, especially with having all these tools in one place that work seamlessly together.

CS: Would you say it’s user-friendly for your members and a benefit to them?

CG: For sure. It’s not just important that it works well for our business operations — my staff loves it, my trainers love it, I love it, but our clients love it as well. It’s easy for them to book and buy our products and services. Ultimately, if that wasn’t the case, it wouldn’t matter how much we like it or how well it works for us — if MINDBODY wasn’t user-friendly, we wouldn’t be able to implement it.

CS: How would you describe their customer service and support?

CG: I’d say it’s great. It’s a big company, but they’ve scaled up internally to manage the demand they have for customer service and support. We can reach them via email, phone or live chat almost any time our business is open. We’ve never had an instance where we’ve walked away unhappy or unsatisfied with the support they gave us.

CS: Are there any other reasons club operators should consider working with MINDBODY?

CG: As an owner/operator, MINDBODY, if used properly, allows you to maximize your time to run your business. You’re not bogged down with day-to-day operations, transactions, and software issues. Everybody is stretched thin, everyone has a lot going on, so MINDBODY is a great tool that will help any business where it’s at — whether it’s a new business, multi-location business, or even an established business. MINDBODY runs a really efficient platform.


For more information on MINDBODY, visit mindbodyonline.com.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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