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The Cool Products of IHRSA 2019


With another IHRSA Convention and Trade Show in the books, use this “Cool Products” guide for a peek at the equipment, services and products you may have missed at IHRSA 2019.

AccuroPT. Experience the “Real Power of Heart Rate Tracking.” AccuroPT is the next level in fitness tracking for personalized coaching and small group training. Accuracy in tracking heart rate, calories burned, training zone and intensity, all in real-time on your tablet, helping your clients achieve more. Fuel performance, drive engagement, boost retention and increase revenue.


Aktiv TV. This first-of-its-kind, flexible content management and distribution platform offers a limitless exercise builder to facilitate any genre or skill progression, delivering dynamic, results-driven workouts and workout-of-the-day programming. Aktiv TV lives within an infinite scalable footprint and serves as a fully deployed solution for fitness facilities. Aktiv TV is also adaptable to include original content and integrate with the Myzone heart rate monitoring system.

888.895.0547 — aktivsolutions.com info@aktivsolutions.com

AV Now Fitness Sound. The Samson AirLine 99m AH9 Fitness Headset mic system offers improved sweat-resistance, 100 channel frequency agility, and is rechargeable. It’s made specifically for fitness instructors. In designing the Airline 99, Samson put the new AH9 micro transmitter onto the longtime instructor-favorite Qe headset microphone to come up with a cableless mic system that has both a comfortable fit and enough available channels to work in most U.S. locations.

800.491.6874 — avnow.comsales@avnow.com

Body Prediction by Fit3D. One thing that blew everyone away this year at IHRSA was the Body Prediction technology by Fit3D. They previewed Blueprint, a sales enablement tool, that showed predicted body shapes based off their initial 3D body scans. It was designed to help clubs as a personal training driver, and set proper expectations when designing the initial customer journey at the membership phase.

650.275.3483  — fit3d.com/predict sales@fit3d.com

Club Automation. Club Automation is reinventing health club management. Our goal is to help customers connect to their members. We’re accomplishing this through partnerships, acquisitions, product feature enhancements and industry connections. From front-of-the-house operations to back-office management, Club Automation connects you to what matters most: your members.

847.597.1740 — clubautomation.com  — info@clubautomation.com

Club OS. Over 3,000 fitness businesses use Club OS to simplify and streamline their sales, marketing and retention efforts across one or hundreds of locations. Cultivate prospect and member relationships with intelligent marketing automation, view in-depth reports, and elevate your sales team’s performance with scheduled follow-ups. Launch your gym’s growth with a software that was specifically made for you.

888.816.2158 — club-os.com hello@club-os.com

Codelocks Inc. Codelocks designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative, standalone keyless door and locker locks for organizations that need to control access. The products include push-button mechanical locks, digital electronic and wireless smart locks that are easy to manage and can be operated using a keypad, card and smartphone. KitLock is a convenient alternative to traditional key-operated locker locks. Cabinets and lockers can be opened without the use of keys, tokens or coins.

714.979.2900  — codelocks.us sales@codelocks.us

Cryo Innovations. The XR full body cryotherapy chamber has been designed from inception to be the safest, most technologically advanced and profitable cryotherapy chamber on the market. It is the only chamber to combine biometrics, thermal imaging and eight-plus on-board safety features to ensure client safety and minimize owner liability.

888.431.2796  —cryoinnovations.com

Cryo Relief. Cryo Relief’s expertise is in educating gyms on how to monetize our equipment within their business model. The one area that always needs improvement is personal training revenue. Our equipment will aid in recovery time and recuperation, and yield better results for your members. Our equipment also offers multiple avenues of revenue. Our mission is to bring relief and comfort to millions of people globally through our daily efforts.

844.429.CRYO  —  cryorelief.net info@cryorelief.net

Easalytics. Simply put, Easalytics connects data. Easalytics is a data visualization and analytics platform, which connects data from disparate mission-critical business systems, to provide real-time, actionable, synced information. The Easalytics reports provide the insight necessary to improve member acquisition and retention, revenue growth and marketing ROI. Schedule your demo today.

860.785.8051 — easalytics.com michael.sansone@easalytics.com

EnergyFit. The Ski-Row by EnergyFit is a dual-function HIIT cardio machine combining a ski-erg and indoor rower into a single device. Its flexibility, space-saving design, and mobility are ideal for HIIT boxes, studios and fitness centers of all sizes. Heart-pounding air/magnetic resistance will match users’ effort stroke for stroke.

714.900.1795 — energy.fitinfo@energy.fit

Epsilon. The Epsilon Growth Engine is a combination of data, strategy, creative and media that provides the ideal communication to your fitness clients, when they are most receptive to taking it in. Epsilon helps a vast portfolio of fitness brands achieve marketing results. Through an omnichannel approach that utilizes email, direct mail and digital media, we’ll help you create one-to-one conversations that enhance engagement, increase loyalty and deliver ROI.

epsilonlocal.com — sales_team@epsilon.com

Extractor Corporation. Extractor Corporation, creator of the SUITMATE® Swimsuit Water Extractor, offers a solution that efficiently removes 95 percent of water from a wet swimsuit in just eight seconds. Our product serves as the gold standard of convenience for high-end spas, luxury hotels and health clubs, and offers fitness facilities and public pools a way to keep facilities cleaner, safer and drier.

847.742.3532 — suitmate.com info@suitmate.com

FitMetrix by MINDBODY. Change the way your members take classes. With heart rate tracking and live leaderboards, you can show your clients exactly where they are in class — and how they can push themselves to be better next class. And, you can create a cohesive experience for your customers and your staff with a branded mobile app, personal training dashboards, group X management, and more. Take your customer’s training to the next level with real-time stats and reporting.

877.755.4279 — mindbodyonline.com sales@mindbodyonline.com

FitnessOnDemand™. Since 2011, FitnessOnDemand™ has allowed facilities worldwide to deliver premium programming to their users through a variety of channels, using the most up-to-date technology. Its innovative video delivery systems offer robust content and flexible audiovisual integration, along with a comprehensive web management tool that enables clubs to instantly offer fitness solutions that optimize space, streamline operations and offer unparalleled variety.

877.474.0505 — fitnessondemand247.com info@fitnessondemand247.com

GymSales. Designed by industry experts and actual club operators, GymSales is the sales, reporting and performance management tool empowering operators and staff to grow and manage their member-driven business faster and with less manual effort. Integrated with third-party marketing, management and billing platforms, GymSales streamlines and simplifies your operations to create a seamless sharing of information across multiple platforms.

855.855.2977 — gymsales.net us@gymsales.net

GymValet®. GymValet is a unique holder that attaches spray bottles and towels directly onto strength and cardio equipment. With the GymValet, equipment cleaning supplies can be positioned within arm’s-reach of every piece of equipment, better ensuring that equipment is cleaned immediately after use. From a cost standpoint, GymValet-based spray bottle and towel cleaning saves up to 95 percent versus cleaning with disposable wipes or paper towels.

216.378.4298 — gymvalet.com bruce@gymvalet.com 

Heart Zones. Measuring heart rate is one of the best ways to stay fit. Heart Zones, the original heart rate training company, provides meaningful solutions to display heart rate, intensity and effort. Heart Zones accurately captures real-time data from multiple sensors and delivers workout results to help members crush their next workout.

916.481.7283 — heartzones.com/connected-fitness customerservice@heartzones.com

Ideal Lockers. Phenolic lockers are the material of choice when a high degree of design flexibility is desired, or where durability and strength are required; fabricated to stand the test of time. The dense components, combined with stainless steel fasteners, stand up to the most extreme conditions of moisture and humidity. Phenolic is impact, water and corrosion resistant, and does not support bacteria. The superior construction and materials used make it adaptable to all types of facilities.

800.88.IDEAL (43325) — idealockers.com bob.martin@idealockers.com

Intelivideo. Intelivideo’s premium on demand platform offers a secure place for our clients to host their subscription video business. We develop a suite of white-label apps and comprehensive web platform to expand memberships through subscription video on demand models. Our services and best practices drive subscriber lifetime value by creating a premium digital subscriber experience.

720.379.6150 — intelivideo.com team@intelivideo.com

Jonas Fitness. Jonas Fitness provides all of the right tools to attract new members, boost retention and increase collectability. Our integrated club management software and payments platform is easy to use, allowing you to quickly check-in a member, process payments, manage your staff and promote your business on any device at any time. Owned by a large, publicly-traded software company, we offer a strong network of sister companies and streamlined security.

888.590.0026 — jonasfitness.comsalesinfo@jonasfitness.com

JumpSport Fitness. Since 1997, JumpSport® Fitness has led the industry in trampoline product design, comprehensive programming, instructor certification, customer support and fitness that’s fun. With premium elastic cord performance, no-tip safety, space-saving stackability and low-maintenance — clubs strengthen client retention. Diverse programming includes barre, HIIT, strength and conditioning, cardio dance, personal training, small group, group ex and more.

408.213.2551 — jumpsportfitness.com info@jumpsportfitness.com

KORR. KORR is introducing the next generation of VO2 Max Testing with CardioCoach MAX. This new line of CardioCoach contains the same gold standard technology on the inside with even more options for the user on the outside. Check out results that email directly to clients, the wireless interface for your computer and heart-rate pickup, and additional interfacing with popular training tools like the Wahoo Kickr.  

877.859.3007  —korr.com

Les Mills. Differentiate your fitness facility with a high-quality, science-backed HIIT program. LES MILLS GRIT is a 30-minute HIIT workout designed to get members fit fast by increasing aerobic fitness, unleashing fast-twitch muscle fibers and growing lean muscle tissue. Available as a live, virtual and online workout, LES MILLS GRIT takes training to the next level 24/7.

844.LES.MILLS — lesmills.cominfo.usa@lesmills.com

Live Oak Bank. Live Oak Bank has a team that focuses specifically on lending to fitness centers nationwide. They understand the complex nature of your business and capital needs. That’s why they built a straightforward lending experience to help fitness center owners get the money they need to reach their goals.

910.212.4952 — liveoakbank.com/fitnesscenters angelo.medici@liveoak.bank

Markel. Designed to meet the coverage needs of the health and fitness industry, Markel’s health club program offers a range of competitive insurance coverages and services that address the unique risks of fitness clubs and studios. We are also the industry’s leading provider of professionally liability coverage for group exercise instructors and personal trainers. General coverages include: abuse and molestation, business income, business property, general liability, workers compensation and more.

888.245.3495 — markelhealthclub.com

Matrix Fitness. Glute Trainer: Glute training is more popular than ever, and you can make your fitness facility stand out by offering a better way to tone muscles and build power while improving hip and core stability. Our smart biomechanics mimic bar hip thrusting without the difficulty and discomfort of using free weights, and a walk-through design makes it easy for anyone to get started. Refined ergonomic details accommodate users of all sizes and ability levels.

608.839.8686 — matrixfitness.com info@matrixfitness.com

Myzone. The MZ-bodyscan is a revolutionary feature offered to existing Myzone facilities at no extra cost to the Myzone license. It takes a 360-degree view, creating a 3D avatar, and is a sophisticated way to view before and after images of your customer’s progression with visually stimulating results. These results populate in the user’s Myzone app so they can monitor their own progress.

myzone.org — sales@myzone.org

MXM. MXM is the world’s best technology for understanding the customer and employee experience. With our platform, you create more loyal customers, grow faster, reduce costs and improve company culture. MXM is a partner company with Medallia, the global leader in Customer Experience Management technology, which allows us to bring to you one powerful solution exclusive for the fitness industry.

509.888.5636 — mxmetrics.com info@mxmetrics.com 

Omni Fight Club. Omni Fight Club (OFC) is the industry’s most complete fitness franchise system from the workouts to the operations. Our unique class format features step-by-step programming with our exclusive music-driven class timing system. OFC is designed to empower coaches to focus on technique and motivation, while delivering a small-group experience in a large class format that drives results for our members. Want a piece of Omni? We’re looking for new owners to join today.

404.392.0914 — omnifightclub info@omnifightclub.com

Paramount Acceptance. This year at IHRSA 2019, Paramount unveiled its new member management tool, which customizes your personal work with your most common task. The web-based and mobile-friendly technology allows you to work with real-time data to know who is currently at your business and take actions accordingly. You can dynamically search with quick filters and actions. All of your members’ or clients’ information is linked at your fingertips.

800.316.4444 — gymsoftware.com sales@paramountacceptance.com

Perform Better. Perform Better showed off some of its newest products this year at IHRSA, including its new PB Extreme Rower and PB Extreme Ski, as well as the double-sided Spectrum Racks. The Rower is a quality rower at a great price, while the Ski Trainer is the perfect way to get a low-impact, full-body workout. All of Perform Better’s accessories and training tools will be displayed on its new Spectrum Racks, which are the perfect solution for all functional training spaces.

800.556.7464 — performbetter.com performbetter@mfatheltic.com

Polar. Start growing your business today with Polar Club. Polar Club is an all-in-one health club solution that brings heart rate training to group exercise classes. Members will have an interactive experience where they will work toward individual and group performance targets. You’ll have classes pushing harder, feeling motivated and coming back for more in a heartbeat. All you need is a Polar device, iPad and a display screen.

800.290.6330 — polar.com/club healthclub.division@polar.com

Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation. At Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation (SFIC) “Our Name is Our Game.” For the past 33 years, we have provided insurance coverage exclusively for the fitness industry for all sized fitness centers, as well as yoga, Pilates and martial arts studios and fitness instructors in all 50 states. SFIC is the Managing General Agent for Liberty Mutual for the fitness industry, and welcomes the opportunity to work with club owners or their local agents.

800.844.0536 — sportsfitness.com askus@sportsfitness.com

SURGE® The SURGE® Storm is unlike any other piece of fitness equipment. The SURGE Storm is rotationally molded in the U.S., ensuring durability and quality. Utilizing water as its weight source is what makes the SURGE Storm so different. The water shifts inside the strategically designed chambers — this challenges your core and stabilizer muscles in a way normal fitness equipment can’t. The SURGE Storm is truly training that translates to life. 

800.810.6528 — surgestrong.com

TRIBE Team Training® TRIBE Team Training® are the global leaders in providing small group personal training (team training) solutions to health and fitness clubs around the world. We offer fitness facilities a turn-key team training solution with a proven business model, allowing operators to focus on the business metrics, while knowing members have a quality program and staff are delivering to world-class standard.  

514.554.8580 — tribeteamtraining.com info@tribeteamtraining.com

TRUE. TRUE’s Palisade Climber has been crafted to be rich in experience and easy to service. The whisper-quiet AC motor and easy-access panels make machine maintenance pain free so you can keep climbing floor after floor. The multiple console options provide asset management customizable features, and technology for enhanced user engagement. And with one of the deepest steps in the industry and sleek design, the Palisade Climber is a must-have for any commercial gym.

800.426.6570 — truefitness.com sales@truefitness.com

TRX. Supercharge your bottom line with TRX Mbody, a suite of programming solutions that includes three distinct templates: Mprove (beginner focused), Mpulse (cardio and weight loss focused), and Mpact (strength focused), customized to address the needs and goals of each unique member. TRX Mbody offers facilities the ultimate, all-inclusive solution for dramatic revenue generation by leveraging the untapped power of Suspension Training in large and small group training formats.

888.878.5348 option 3 — trxtraining.com sales@trxtraining.com 

TSG. TSG is a leading provider of gym management software and integrated payments for the health and fitness market with 25 years of experience. TSG enables its clients with intuitive software, integrated payments, valuable services and support, with intelligent insight so clients can master their business management processes and complete their customer experience.

855.202.2932 — transactionservices.global sales@transactionservices.global 

Virtual Health Partners. Virtual Health Partners (VHP) is an innovative health and wellness technology company that offers live, virtual nutrition, fitness and lifestyle modification support from the convenience of a mobile app. With VHP, your clients can meet one on one with a nutrition specialist, live stream fitness classes, track their progress and more.

877.586.1733  — virtualhealthpartners.com info@virtualhp.com

Brittany Howard

Brittany is an editor at Peake Media. Reach her at brittany@peakemedia.com

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