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It’s Time to Offer a Nutrition Solution That Works


What is happening today in the fitness industry is nothing short of incredible. There is a strong synergy developing between fitness and nutrition, and consumers are taking note. Within the past three years, the diet industry has been self-eliminating its business by false promises, misinformation and a never-ending product list of “must-haves.”

What is worth noting is that consumers are now able to glean enough information from social media and news outlets, leading them to question the validity of diet industry claims and promises. The distrust has turned them to another industry to seek guidance and answers.

People are willing to pay. Recently, the news program “20/20” ran a story on the various parts of the fitness and nutrition industry. They said in the United States alone, companies make about $20 billion every year. Other studies that included more tertiary businesses put that number at closer to $40 billion.

Many people are looking for a solution to their weight problems, and they are willing to put up good money if someone is putting forward a solution that appears to work. And as health problems from weight-related issues continue to increase, more and more people will start looking at weight loss solutions as a necessity rather than an optional expense.

As part of their turn-key approach, Balanced Habits certifies the staff, coined “Food Coaches.” “We had considered creating our own nutrition offering, but could never get it off the ground,” said Ann Lehman, the owner of CrossFit Nittany in State College, Pennsylvania. “When we connected with Balanced Habits, we learned they had it all figured out and their offering was a good fit for our clientele.” To read more comments from Ann, read the full interview here.

Those in the fitness industry stand to gain new business but also transform, improve and change lives for the better in two very meaningful ways. This is a new opportunity to this industry of change-makers. While it makes sense in business to think about the costs involved and how you can build on partnerships to increase revenue, obesity is a truly serious problem that’s harming way too many people.

By opening a fitness and nutrition business that helps people deal with their weight problems, you can start your work every day confident that your business is going to make positive change in the world.

Balanced Habits is the leading nutrition coaching program for consumers, coaches and businesses to reach their goals and live a higher quality of life. As a business models, Balanced Habits™ supports businesses to develop significant non-dues revenue, by creating a new profit center and allowing the business to reach a much broader target audience than previously. Contact Carolyn at 657-231-6779 or carolyn@balancedhabits.com.


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