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Creating the Perfect Recovery Zone


Carl Cadwell, the owner of Tri-City Court Club in Kennewick, Washington, had a vision to help people with their overall health, with recovery being an important aspect. Thus, the club’s Recovery Zone was born. 

The Recovery Zone was originally an add-on, meaning not all members had access to the space. However, as time went on, the team felt strongly it was something all members could benefit from, and decided to make a change. 

“We really wanted people to be able to try it,” explained Shaelah Harmon, the club’s Recovery Zone and Body Sculpt manager. “So, this year, we decided we wanted to make it part of the membership. Essentially, we added a $7 to $10 additional fee on their membership per month, to allow them access to the Recovery Zone.”

Equipment, Programs and Services

Tri-City Court Club’s Recovery Zone offers more than just HydroMassage chairs. It has a variety of equipment, products and services made specifically to help with recovery

For example, the Recovery Zone boasts an infrared sauna, a Cocoon Fitness Pod, body-sculpting lights and a VibraGenix sound therapy machine. In addition, it offers a Beemer, NormaTec and oxygen therapy. 

“We also have a couple hand-held things, like a Myobuddy, a Theragun, a Cryosphere, and tools to help with myofascial release,” added Harmon. “We have a couple foam rollers as well.” 

While having a variety of equipment for different needs is important, it can also take up a lot of space. And space is deceiving.

“A lot of times people think, ‘Oh, it won’t take up that much space,’ but you really need to calculate and work it out so you can fit in as much as possible, but still be comfortable,” said Harmon. “We’re working out of about 1,300 square feet [for the Recovery Zone]. So, we had to really piece out and decide what needed to be in rooms, and what needed to be in an open area — and really, that’s key.”


Having the space and necessary tools are important to boasting a successful Recovery Zone. However, it’s also vital club members know how to properly and safely operate the equipment. 

“Right off the bat, when a new member comes in, we offer an orientation,” said Harmon. “The staff in the Recovery Zone run it, and what they do is walk through every piece of equipment, they show them how to use it — because we are self-service — and then they explain when they would use it and what it’s doing.”

Harmon explained the biggest part is educating staff in other departments on the Recovery Zone. “We work really closely with the personal training department, and they bring down classes or clients,” she said. “That’s really been helpful, because they’re also educating their clients that recovery is important.”


Outside of benefiting your members, a robust recovery space can also add dollars to your bottom line. This has been Tri-City Court Club’s experience after including access to the Recovery Zone as part of a membership, versus an add-on. 

“I think it’s so important for clubs to realize it actually is not only beneficial for the health of your member, but it is a good source of revenue,” said Harmon. 

In addition, the Recovery Zone is a great marketing tool, and makes the club more like a “one stop shop” for members’ needs. According to Harmon, prior to having a dedicated recovery space, they found some people were going to other locations for recovery services. 

Now, they can come to Tri-City Court Club for both a great workout and recovery options. 

“For the most part, we’ve had an extremely positive reaction to the Recovery Zone — even those who have received the dues increase,” said Harmon.  

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is the assistant editor for Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com

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