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Run Like a Boss: Top Apps to Help You Deliver Excellence


We’ve all seen hundreds of software platforms and apps pop up on our social media feed promising that their product is the perfect solution to help our fitness biz “Run Like a Boss.”

From project management and communication to CRM (customer relations management), customer service and engagement, productivity and task management, note taking, email marketing, website design, gym management, group fitness tracking and booking, to personal training virtual offers and support, apps abound. All seem to be impressive, with compelling infographics and cool videos to each out-sell their competitors. As a result, we are bombarded and often left confused and overwhelmed.

What we do know is we need to deliver a simple message and solve the problems of our customer. We need to compose the right message that creates an emotional connection and bond with our members. As Donald Miller explains in his book “Building a StoryBrand – Clarify Your Message so Customers will Listen,” we are the guide and the customer is the hero. When we position ourselves — in any business — as the hero instead of the guide, that’s when we lose the trust and commitment of our member.

What we must do is create an A-TEAM — a group of elite soldiers or top advisors or workers in an organization. It’s vital for all of us within the wellness and fitness space to invest time and money in the people who truly embody the mission and culture of our company. As I’ve heard and read many times, hire for personality, character and passion — then train for skills. I also believe in fostering education as well as encouraging field trips to build awareness of what’s happening outside the four walls.

By properly and passionately communicating our company’s vision to both our members and team, and making them an integral part of the journey, they in-turn become our brand ambassadors and organically contribute to our “earned media,” which truly has the greatest impact.

The last piece of this puzzle is back to elevating your company to elite status by onboarding the right software and apps to create systems, automation and communication between team members across all departments, as well as with outside consultants and advisors.

Choosing the right platforms will allow us to do what we do best: Meet our customers where they are; communicate with them why it’s important to move or fuel our bodies properly; and guide them by personally handing them the vital tools that will enable them to live a fitter, healthier and happy life for years to come.


Project/Task Management:

Email Marketing:

CRM (Customer Relations Management)

Customer Service Engagement

Note-Taking Platforms

Website Design

Gym Management Software

Group Fitness Tracking/Class Booking

Personal Training Apps (manage clients/create customizable workouts)

Ann Marie Barbour will be speaking on the topic of “Run Like a Boss” at SCW Boston Mania in December.

Ann Marie Barbour

Ann Marie Barbour is the founder of BeWell Advisory, helping fitness brands level-up their service/product offer with streamlined systems and effective brand messaging across all media channels. You can contact her at annmarie@bewelladvisory.com or visit bewelladvisory.com.

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