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Enhancing Customer Partnerships with TRX

Enhancing Customer Partnerships

Tim Green, the president of Direct Fitness Solutions, shares how TRX is enhancing customer partnerships and why health clubs should work with them.

Tim Green and Tim Brennan formed Direct Fitness Solutions in 1998, after becoming seasoned professionals in the commercial sales division of a large fitness retailer. They had a founding principle of providing customers with quality fitness equipment with a commitment to customer service and support.

The TRX Studio Line has been a game changer for them and their customers.

“The customization capabilities appealed to so many of our customers,” said Green, the president of Direct Fitness Solutions. “We have been able to outfit schools, multi-family, medical facilities, corporations and more with the unique training and storage solutions that TRX offers.”

Below, Green shares how TRX is enhancing customer partnerships and why health clubs should consider working with them.

How has TRX helped enhance your fitness offerings?

To put it simply, partnering with TRX has enhanced our customer partnerships. The depth of product offerings, recognized brand name, and durable, sleek designs, have given our sales team opportunities to attract new customers and entice current customers. 

What do your customers love most about TRX? 

As previously mentioned, the customization capabilities.  That’s one of the things DFS loves the most too.  We are able to present a product to customers that can fit in a corner, fit along a wall, conveniently store equipment and provide endless training opportunities.  It makes our job easier when we can offer a brand that our customers already know and trust and be customized to fit their needs and space.

How would you rate TRX’s customer service and support? 

Excellent! Our representative, Mike Meluch, always takes the time to answer our questions and responds in a timely manner.  He has made our partnership with TRX an easy one. 

Why should club operators consider working with TRX? 

Members recognize TRX as a leading fitness brand, but it is much deeper than that.  TRX is committed to keeping the customer engaged, with meaningful equipment and programming, that is always evolving. 

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is the assistant editor for Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com

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