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Club Spotlight

Reflection is critical to success, and as 2018 ends and a new year begins, it’s the perfect time to look back.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered words of wisdom from operators whose clubs have been featured over the past year in our monthly “Club Spotlight” column. Each of the clubs profiled has carved its own niche in the industry through unique programming, experiences, community outreach or special wellness initiatives.

We hope you’ll be able to draw inspiration from their experiences.

Club Spotlight

Harbor Fitness, January 2018

Mike Ganim, Owner

“Remember, you make the difference. This mantra is taught from the first day of employment. I believe the core of customer service is the golden rule. Treat members as you would want them to treat you if the roles were reversed.”

Club Spotlight

Sisters Athletic Club, February 2018

Tate Metcalf, Owner

“We don’t issue membership cards — from day one, we have to learn everyone’s name. It’s that important to us. We work incredibly hard at knowing everyone when they walk through the door.”

Club Spotlight

Ambitious Athletics, March 2018

Carmen Sturniolo, Owner

“Any club has to take into consideration the bottom line,” said Sturniolo. “But the bottom line becomes irrelevant when you develop a good product and educate people rather than looking at your members as dollar signs. [You should be] making an impact, to impact their family and friends and pay it forward. If you’re in business to deliver a great product and really make an impact, money becomes irrelevant.”

Club Spotlight

Pulse Fitness, April 2018

Ramak Safi, General Manager

“Start valuing the individuals as they are. It all depends on how your club defines success. If your success is defined by helping people achieve their goals, helping people stay fit, and getting them from being overweight to somebody who is on the right path toward losing some weight and being happy, then your bank account will reflect your success. Don’t worry so much about pricing and money, but focus on helping individuals.”

Club Spotlight

SPARK45, June 2018

Danielle Bordenave, Owner and Founder

“We strive to create individualized treatment programs to help clients improve their strength, range of motion, flexibility, balance and pain. But above everything else, client engagement is truly the reason SPARK45 has been successful. In our fitness classes, instructors welcome clients by name, and we encourage clients to get to know each other.”

Club Spotlight

Zone Fitness, July 2018

Tim Forrest, Owner and Founder

“As operators, we have to remember training or onboarding for 90 days isn’t where training ends. You have to continue to live and breathe your mission statements, culture and core values.”

Club Spotlight

Fitness Factory Health Clubs, August 2018

Rich Scarpati, Owner

“Make sure you’re getting continual feedback from the customers, and improving yourself by making your customers part of the solution. If you’re not different with a competitive edge, you might as well stay home.”

Club Spotlight

Ballarat Body and Soul 24/7 Gym, September 2018

Mel Tempest, Owner

“Don’t be afraid of change. Of course, everybody isn’t going to love changes at first — that’s how we all are — but you have to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. If a new product comes on the market, have a good look at it and don’t go based on what other people tell you — find that information for yourself.”

Club Spotlight

The Wave, October 2018

Art Krueger, Director

“Make interaction with members an expectation and encourage your team to get out in the facility. It starts in real time by being aware. I tell my team, ‘Antennas up and head on a swivel.’”

Club Spotlight

Fitness Fusion, November 2018

Darby Brender, Founder

“What made our classes unique was we created our own method of working out: high reps, low weights, a quick pace and combining disciplines from yoga, Pilates and calisthenics all into one workout. We wanted the classes to be results-driven, and for people to really feel and know they did the workout.”

Club Spotlight

Shula’s Athletic Club, December 2018

Anthony Artiles, General Manager

“We have kept on adapting to the constant changes in the fitness industry by adding new equipment, constantly updating the facility and adding new group training programs, such as boxing. Ongoing renovations and innovations are essential in our industry.”

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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