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Top Tips for Recruiting Talent from Chuze Fitness


For many health clubs, the greatest asset isn’t the building itself or the equipment within — it’s the staff. This is the case at Chuze Fitness.

“The importance of finding top notch staff is simple — our employees make us who we are,” said Julia Muzquiz, the recruiting director for Chuze Fitness. “We can’t have the reputation of being the best without strong staff. They are the face of Chuze Fitness, the first person our members see when they come in, and the last person they see before they go about their day. The impact our employees have on our members can be so powerful and is directly connected to our growth and reputation. We can’t afford to be mediocre — marginal service is forgettable.”

Knowing the importance of having a top-notch team of employees, below are Muzquiz’s top tips for recruiting talent, in her own words.

Think Outside the Box  

Attracting high-quality staff is something that has to constantly evolve. Sometimes it takes more than catchy words on a job posting. It might take videos of staff testimonials, getting on social media, or visiting local universities. We have an amazing marketing team that is always searching for fun and creative ways to promote clubs and districts that are hiring.

Be Realistic About the Position in Your Job Posting  

We do our best to paint a realistic picture of what it’s like to work for Chuze. As important as it is to share the perks of being a Chuzer, it’s also important to be completely transparent about the challenges. It’s hard work, but also fun and rewarding. The last thing we want is to hire someone who is surprised by the amount of cleaning or the quality of customer service we expect in every member interaction. No one should be forced to be something they’re not. It’s so much easier to have a complete understanding of the role and confidence that you can do it well. Everyone deserves an awesome job that’s the right fit.

Use Software to Your Advantage

All applicants are gathered in one place, preventing our managers from having to juggle candidates in their email where they can easily fall through the cracks. With the click of a mouse, we have the ability to schedule interviews, send text messages, keep detailed notes, access our recruiting documents, pre-screening questions, behavioral assessments, and records of applicants that have applied before. It allows us to streamline the process but have oversight of how meticulous our recruiters are, the quality of applicants we attract, where they come from, and how many interviews we schedule on a weekly basis. Our district leaders can have oversight and offer guidance before our hiring managers make an offer.   

When an individual applies to any application, they’re required to fill out a few pre-screening questions that are specific to the role. Depending on their responses, it filters them into different folders ensuring that we’re looking at the best candidates possible. All candidates are also required to take a behavioral assessment that measures who they are naturally and which role they are best suited for. 

Always Call References

Calling references is also a very important step in recruiting that a lot of companies skip. It’s the best way to verify information, have insight about previous performance, and find out how well your potential new employee is going to fit your team and culture. Calling references and asking the right questions can be the difference between making a great hire and the wrong hire.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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