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Targeted Fall Promotions for 2020


It’s October and not too early to begin implementing promotions for the upcoming holiday season. This year has brought unique challenges, and gyms, fitness centers and health clubs can offer a manner to get away from home safely for many people.

Club management software (CMS) offers three sets of targets to market to: 

  • Current active members
  • Past or former members
  • Prospects and guests

Communicate with each group a little differently, but use the software program to send out an email blast promoting bringing in friends, possibly doing a trial membership, buying a gift certificate or an offer to re-join. The targets should be able to do all of these directly from the business website if you’re taking advantage of the available online integration. Online joining is extremely valuable to help people get started, and typically offers can be customized per location.

Printing key reports to generate the right lists is the first and most important step to determine target size. Then determine what to present and how to word and promote it successfully. Utilizing the mail merge aspect of the software to create pre-formatted yet personalized letters or emails can be easily done. Include a direct URL link to the online offer.

Example promotions could be:

“12 Days of Fitness” — a promotion that could be at no charge or a low, reasonable price. Promote in-club as well and do an e-blast every day counting down to the event. Add things like half price shake day, free guest day, etc.

Give the “Gift of Health” — add on a family member or the entire family for a reduced price or no enrollment fee.  

Send out a “Bring a Buddy” marketing piece to all members. Offer the member $5 off their dues every month for as long as that new member remains a member.  

Invite all former members and previous guests back for a trial visit to work off the recent calories — i.e, 30 days for $30.

Last chance at 2020 rates — pay only a $20.20 initial fee.

It’s a great time of year for gift cards or gift certificates. The business CMS will allow you to sell, track and redeem these cards via point of sale. Most will also allow the advantage of being able to add to the card as its initial value gets dwindled down. This can be very beneficial as a prepaid house account and will help those using it at the club juice bar, pro shop, childcare, tanning or at the restaurant if available.

Lastly, have a holiday sale, end of the year blowout or clearance on any and all club logo items, products, etc. It’s a good way to clear the shelves. It’s also when all pricing should be reevaluated. Look at membership costs and fees — is it time to revamp before the New Year starts? Encourage use of any open personal training sessions, tanning or other service packages. Perhaps put an expiration date on them to avoid carrying over into the next year as unused deposits.

Carole Oat

Carole Oat is a national sales manager at Twin Oaks Software and a former club owner and operator for 15 years. She can be reached at coat@tosd.com or 860.829.6000 x 281.

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