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Member Listening: MXM Helps Make Every Member Visit Exceptional

Member Listening

MXM’s member listening capabilities allows them to help health clubs make every member visit exceptional.

MXM, Medallia’s Partner to the Fitness Industry, is dedicated to understanding and improving member experience inside of health clubs. MXM turns members’ thoughts and feelings into real data points clubs can utilize to make every member visit exceptional.

While it is easy to promise results, MXM truly delivers according to Mark Miller, the COO of Merritt Clubs. With nine location in Baltimore, Merritt Clubs is one of the 700-plus fitness clubs MXM serves.

“We have used the MXM data to improve our member experience, onboarding procedures and cancelation process, and to implement ideas that align with our members — not just what we want or think our members want,” said Miller. “We now have the data that shows us where we need to get better and then track our progress.”

MXM is always creating resources to better serve the fitness clubs that have partnered with them. From the Visits to Virus data, Healthy Club Feedback System and Shutdown feedback system, MXM empowers its partners and allows them to gauge how their members are feeling when unprecedented situations arise.

Miller said this dedication has been vital to Merritt Clubs.

“Continuous member feedback allows you to hear their voice, their true concerns,” explained Miller. “We all know a lot of people don’t complain — they just take their business elsewhere.  A feedback system that is integrated into our daily operations allows us to get to their pain, their challenges and their frustrations. It allows us insight into how our team behaves, where we can coach more and how we can not only improve the member experience, but that of our teams as well. It gives us insight on how to reduce friction points and improve the member experience.”

Merritt Clubs isn’t the only club impressed with MXM and its member listening capabilities. Mark de Gorter, a 30-year industry veteran, said not only is it important to get member feedback, it’s actually more critical to have the right platform to measure and manage the results — and that is MXM.

“Not only do we need an independent method of continuous member listening, but the platform MXM provides allows us to set benchmarks not only within the club — overall satisfaction, club cleanliness or equipment issues, which can apply to different associates and how we measure their performance — but a consistent and proven platform that allows us, at the enterprise level, to level-set benchmark,” said de Gorter. “This gives us a consistent set of measurements, and is the basis for annual recognition awards, as well as ongoing measurement, recognition and coaching when necessary.”

Optimizing the member experience is the key to success in the fitness industry, and MXM delivers actionable insights.

“If you want to advance your business and improve, this is a no-brainer,” said Miller. “It is not an expense — it’s an investment, just like you do with marketing. You have to change the game, and MXM is that game-changer.”

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is the assistant editor for Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com

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