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5 Reasons Your Gym Members Should Do Cardio Kickboxing


Are your gym members looking for an all-in-one, total-body workout with a plethora of exercise benefits? By offering kickboxing, your members can obtain cardio and resistance training in the same workout session. Following are five top reasons to get your fitness classes revved up with kickboxing.

1. Cardio Stamina: Kickboxing involves constant, repetitive movements, which gets the blood circulation pumping and the heart rate up. The heart rate remains elevated as the person working out jumps, bobs and weaves — all while kicking and punching.

2. Strength Building: The mix of punches through jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts aid in building upper and lower body strength. The series of kicks strengthens your thigh and calf muscles. In addition, balance is required, resulting in increased core strength.

3. Coordination: The combination of repetitive kicking and punching helps to increase coordination and anticipatory and reactive balance, while improving reflexes and flexibility.

4. Weight Loss: Due to the cardio component of kickboxing, the metabolic rate increases, helping burn calories and fat.

5. Self Defense: When utilizing immobile objects like punching bags and targets, the kicking and punching techniques can be applied as self-defense skills.

Equipment Essentials: Consequently, for every state-of-the-art cardio kickboxing program, ensure your gym has the most up-to-date training and striking equipment. Free standing mobile workout training bags are the easiest and most practical tools to help burn calories.

Here are several options to help your clients perform to their maximum potential on the road to fitness greatness.

Your first workout station should consist of a reactor bag engineered for consistently rapid striking .

The second workout station should include a multi-strike target master designed with four adjustable target paddles that allow you to punch and kick simultaneously. The target paddles include spring-loaded mechanisms, providing an optimal attack zone.

The third workout station should be comprised of two free-standing heavyweight tower bags. These bags are designed for power workouts, allowing the individual to go full force with punching and kicking.

To complete the workout experience, each individual should have his or her own pair of fitness gloves or cardio gloves to use while completing drills. It’s imperative to wear properly fitted gloves, preferably that are vented in the palms, to help keep cool and dry.

Having essential gear helps maintain a safe and successful training environment for your members. Stock up and see your members benefit from cardio kickboxing.


Steve Ciukurescu is chief marketing officer for AWMA. For more information visit awma.com, email steve@awma.com or call 800.345.2962.


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  1. Samantha, Kickboxing Fairfax VA September 11, 2019

    Very informative article describing kickboxing. It is very helpful when it comes to our stamina, strength, mind and body control. Not just for physical but it also develops our mental activities. The result will increase your fitness level and make you lean and tone.


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