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How The Atlantic Club Markets Its Training Programs to Engage Members

training programs

Seasoned health club owners know engaging programming is the best way to keep members plugged in. And getting your members involved in your training programs in the first place will take a concentrated marketing effort.

Marketing your training programs specifically might be an easily forgotten element of running your club, but you won’t be as successful as you could be if you get prospects in the door without letting them know why they should participate in your training programs to achieve the results they want.

For an inside look at how clubs can use training programs and the marketing of those programs to engage members, Club Solutions spoke to Kristin McConnell, the marketing director of The Atlantic Club.

What programming do you offer to engage members?

KM: Here at The Atlantic Club, we have over 140 group exercises classes a week in our Manasquan location and over 90 a week in our Red Bank location. Of those classes, we have a wide variety for our members to choose from for all fitness levels, ages and personal goals.

Because we are a club and not a standalone, single-focused studio, we show and educate about the benefits of many different exercise choices that will keep you interested, work different body areas, and show different environments — from mind-body to cycling, dance, HIIT, aquatics and more.

How do you market your training programs to peak members’ interest?

KM: In addition to digital marketing, we highlight certain group exercise classes in our member e-newsletter, on our scrolling media boards (vertical TVs) or on our website homepage. These may be new classes, lower enrollment classes we are trying to fill, or classes that may have a new instructor.

We also put short group workout clips on our media boards, in e-newsletters, and on our Instagram and Facebook pages. And then we have banners advertising inside our clubs, social posts on our website, and individual flyers with selected trainers personalizing their skillsets.

Do you have specific strategies you use for different training programs?

KM: Regarding personal training, small group training and Pilates, we’ve had a major focus that continually shows — visually — the benefits of personal training. This is in the form of Instagram and Facebook posts, member e-newsletters and on our scrolling media boards. We’ve used a lot of motivational messaging, especially on Instagram.

Our small group programming is another sector we are constantly showing visually. Group training keeps you accountable, and its competitive and fun. Whether it be TRX programming, Technogym Skillmill focused classes, or two high-intensity classes we’re introducing, we create energy and excitement about group classes so members feel like they don’t want to miss out. They want to be a part of it, and it could be the solution they are looking for to mix up their routine and generate results.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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