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Identifying Your Club’s Personality


In an experience-driven world, your club is not only defined by the physical equipment you own, but by the actions you take for your club and community, and how you portray your brand through marketing communication strategies. 

To make your club’s brand unique, memorable and relatable, you have to connect with your members and the community on a personal level. To do so, you have to identify your club’s personality and how you want to communicate to your audience. Whether you want to identify your brand as humorous, trustworthy, knowledgeable, straightforward or a rebel, your personality should match your target audience. 

When you know who you are communicating to, you can be more strategic in your marketing efforts, and in turn, be more relatable. 

One of the most effective ways to communicate your club’s personality is through social media. A social post that shows agreement, is humorous or offers positive feedback will connect with your audience. Consumers want to see social posts from brands that provide entertainment, show a little flare and comment on current events. Keeping your communication less formal can sometimes work in your benefit. When your brand is vulnerable, it’s more conversational. Opening up will lead you to a greater chance of finding like-minded individuals and loyal brand followers.

At the Newtown Athletic Club, we define our outdoor restaurant and bar as fun and playful. Our target audience is millennials looking for a neighborhood escape or summer getaway. We communicate about the gorgeous weather for sunbathing or delicious happy hour specials. We will post, “It’s been a long week, but the sun’s still shining and there’s a summer drink waiting for you at the resort.” The key for us is to hone in on the “fear of missing out” culture and make people feel like they want to be here with us and that they need to be. 

Having personality in your day-to-day marketing strategies will help form deeper connections and drive awareness. Most importantly, being a brand that is relatable will create the strongest customer loyalty for your club. Your members will feel connected at all times and a sense of community will form, even when they are not at your club. 

Nicole Beck

Nicole Beck is the marketing manager at Newtown Athletic Club.

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