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How Workout Anytime is Improving Member Satisfaction

member satisfaction

In this technology series, we shine a spotlight on how the fitness franchise Workout Anytime is using tech to improve its operations and member experience. Part one focused on Bridge, a cloud-based employee development software. Part two focuses on MXM Medallia, a consumer listening and member satisfaction tool.

Workout Anytime prides itself on offering clubs with a Cheers-like environment. As a result, member satisfaction is of the utmost importance, exemplified in the brand’s recent investment in MXM Medallia

“We felt it was vitally important to really focus on what it takes to keep our members satisfied,” said Mark de Gorter, the COO of Workout Anytime. “MXM has been a tremendous vehicle for that.”

MXM is a consumer listening and member satisfaction tool that allows brands to measure satisfaction through Net Promoter Score surveys sent to members each day on topics like cleanliness, friendliness of staff, equipment and more. 

“From that, we can gauge how well our clubs are delivering on member satisfaction, including, in many cases, open-ended responses from our members to tell us about things they particularly liked or things they’re challenged with,” explained de Gorter. “It helps us acknowledge jobs that are well done, it helps us focus in on areas we may be a bit deficient on, and through all of that, we’ve been able to demonstrate significant improvements in our member satisfaction levels across the entire network.” 

In fact, according to de Gorter, the top 10 clubs in the Workout Anytime network in terms of member satisfaction scores have demonstrated a 13% lower attrition rate on average. 

For Mike King, a Workout Anytime franchisee with three locations in North Carolina, one of the greatest benefits of MXM is that it gives a voice to those members they might otherwise not hear from. 

“We’re able to get in touch with the members we may not see on a day-to-day basis,” explained King. “We are a 24/7 location, so there are a lot of members who come in during off-standard hours, and they don’t get any interaction with the employees. They never really get a chance to voice what they love about us and what they wish was better with us. MXM gives them that platform in a way that’s comfortable for them, allowing them to do it on their own time, on their own keyboard, where they can really be honest with us.”

According to King, another benefit to MXM is that it allows him to keep a pulse on the current levels of member satisfaction in his three clubs. This has been especially beneficial in knowing where to assign praise for a job well done. 

“Because I’m not able to be in the facility all the time and I can’t see what the employees are doing on a regular basis, I can’t always see where they’re doing a great job and give them the pat on the back they deserve,” said King. “Through MXM, the members are identifying that for me by giving recognition to employees they love to interact. That gives me the chance to give staff a high five, spotlight them, and it’s really increased our employee morale across the board.”

At the end of the day, MXM has proved a great tool for Workout Anytime in improving member satisfaction, lowering attrition, providing feedback — and ultimately boasting more profitable facilities. 

“We’ve seen a really strong correlation between those clubs that deliver those higher levels of satisfaction and their ability to become profitable, which has been a really strong validation to MXM,” added de Gorter. 

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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